Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why I'm Just a Baker and Not a Decorator

I made this cake back in April for my friend Bill. His daughter Sam was turning ten and a friend of his was also having a birthday. Bill wanted it to be decorated on both sides with each of their names. He definitely wanted an Irish theme for his friend because he is apparently a really proud Irishman. For Sam's side he said just do a princess theme, which she then balked at that idea because you know, she is NOT a little girl anymore! ;) So I said I'd figure something out...

Bill was taking Sam to Hawaii for her birthday so I thought it would be a great theme to be able to incorporate both sides together with the rainbow. I already had a project going with some fondant so I made a postcard out of that and decorated it with a little buttercream, graham cracker crumbs and disco dust (read more about disco dust).  

Apparently I was REALLY proud of this postcard because I didn't get any close up shots of anything else, lol.

The cake was carrot, requested by the birthday girl, and it was iced in cream cheese frosting and buttercream. I think I did pretty okay on this but for the amount of time it took me I think it was great for me to realize that decorating really is not my gig. I always thought if I had someone else to work with it might be more fun and less stressful but for now I'm going to shy away from decorating, especially since it's not really a strength of mine. The great news is that the cake was a great success and Nate and Sam really enjoyed it! 

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Have a great Wednesday everyone!!!




  1. I love art but, decorating... I'm not sure I'd be to good at cake decorating myself, otherwise I'd offer to be your decorator (it'd be amazing to work by the side of such talent)! Although I do think the creativeness of the cake is very clever and it sounds yuuuumm!!!

  2. Just thought I'd stop by. Looks like you have a lot of delicious ideas! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. Thanks Mia and Tonya! Hope you keep coming back! :)



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