Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jumbo M&M Cookies!!!

Whenever I go to Safeway, I have a hard time passing up their jumbo M&M cookies.
 Not that they are just so amazing, it's just something about a jumbo cookie that has M&M's in it that I just cannot hold myself back from buying them. I wanted to try my own jumbo cookies, with more of a homemade taste. I was very pleased with how these little puppies turned out!

                                                           The goods.
      Mixing sugars, eggs, shortening and vanilla. I prefer a hand mixer over my KitchenAid.
                           Dry ingredients mixed into the shortening mixture.
   I love when M&M cookies just have the candies perfectly placed on top. I did four cookies per pan.
The front ones look a little soft because they hadn't cooled yet. I wanted to take a pic so bad so I could eat them I couldn't stand it, lol!

I wanted to try these out so I could get some experience making jumbo cookies. These were absolutely delicious! However, I'm debating whether to tinker with the recipe a little. I feel that some people might be against the use of shortening in cookies. What do you guys think? Should I try butter instead? I might try half butter half shortening. I'm nervous to use butter because that might make them spread a lot and not look as pretty. Let me know, I would love your guys' input!

Love, Kailee


  1. Those look like the perfect Christmas cookies,now I'm craving cookies!

  2. Those looks PERFECTO! Do you deliver?

  3. Once I get licensed, I will absolutely deliver! : D



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