Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Holiday Baking Wishlist

Last night we had our first snow of the season here in Oregon, it was wonderful!
 My class even got cancelled today, yay for snow days!!! With all this wintery weather happening, I've been thinking more and more about all the things I'd love to have for my winter baking season. While I know I will eventually have most of these things because I have to for my business, I thought it would be fun to share some of my baking 'must haves' with you!

1st up.....

An ice cream scoop! For baking??? That's right, folks! I don't know why I've never gotten one, but everytime I make cupcakes I wish that I had one! Using an ice cream scoop to put your batter in the liners will not only make perfectly even sized cupcakes, but will prevent little batter splats on the sides of your liners.

Up next.....

Non stick silicone mats. These guys are AWESOME and will not only help make perfect cookies every time, but will help with the longevity of your pans, keeping them as perfect as the day you bought them!


A double boiler. This is nothing new. I've just never had an official double boiler. Perfect for melting chocolate, making ganache, etc.

Don't forget about.....

The Cricut Machine!!!!! This thing is amazing!!!! It prints on sheets of frosting, fondant, gumpaste, whatever! I want this mostly so I can make fondant squares to put on cupcakes with my blogger barcode for people with smartphones to scan...I'll just stand on the corner handing out cupcakes with my barcode on them. Weird? Maybe. Genius? ABSOLUTELY!!!

And last but certainly not least.....

An insanely amazing/expensive double oven! This double oven by Bluestar would be an absolute dream come true. Now don't you wish I pulled an Oprah and told you all of my readers were getting everything on this list? Maybe someday....but not today! hahaha

I hope you all have a wonderfully wintery Tuesday. Stay warm and bake something sweet!

Love, Kailee 

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  1. Blogger barcode?? Wow you are on a whole different level--such an entrepeneur!



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