Friday, November 12, 2010

Whooa-OH! We're halfway there....

Ok, so today I decided to clear out our outside storage area.
 This area will become my storage for Precious Cargo. I will have shelves with everything I will use for baking, and a little mini fridge for my dairy (I have to have a seperate fridge from my own). I was going to use my hall closet for this but I would need to use an extension cord for the fridge and that could pose a risk for the baby, which I don't want!
Here is a 'BEFORE' shot of our storage area, packed to the brim!!! Luckily a lot of it was just empty boxes, Mark has a nack for saving boxes (even found a wii remote box). I ended up taking a lot of the stuff to our storage unit in Keizer, and recycled plenty of boxes....

Here's 'AFTER'!!! Pretty good, huh? Okay, I know it's still a mess but it's still pretty good for one day's work! I also got my Christmas boxes out and tomorrow I think I might decorate! Stay tuned because this weekend I'm feeling a little dangerous and I might just post a video!!! ;) See ya later!

Love, Kailee

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